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The at-home Pilates workout that'll tone your whole body - Sporteluxe

Transform your body in 6 weeks with this Pilates challenge.


Get Thinner Thighs! • The BEST Inner Outer Thigh Workout

The BEST exercises to target and tone every women's trouble spot -- the Inner & Outer Thighs! You will LOVE this workout!


10 Essential Pilates Warm-Up Exercises | Livestrong.com

Warm up intelligently before a Pilates session. Bring attention to the breath and increase mobility in the spine and hips.


30-Minute Fat-Burning Pilates Workout

Give us 30 minutes and we will work your entire body from head to toe. LA-based fitness powerhouse Kit Rich will lead you through cardio, abs, and outer-thigh work with classic Pilates exercises and targeted variations to sculpt your abs and legs. No muscle goes unworked! We provide modifications for every exercise, so if you're new to working out you can still get your sweat on. Plus, you can make the workout harder by adding two- to three-pound dumbbells. Loving the workout gear? Here's the Lucy Activewear featured in the video: On Kit: Mat and Move Legging in Multi Kaleidoscope Print, Yoga Siren Tank in Sapphire Blue, Fitness Fix Tank in Sapphire Blue On Anna: Studio Hatha Capri in Tropical Print, Workout Racerback Tank in Camille, Zenergy Bra in Azaelea On Dre: Revolution Run Capri in Sapphire Blue, I Run This Tank in Multi Pebbles Print, Studio Hatha Bra in Black


Rote Unisa Schnürboots Pravia Mädchen


The Top 10 Most Amazing Pilates Exercises for Long, Lean Legs

Summer is here which means time to bare those legs and what better way to show them off is through these 10 Amazing Pilates Exercises for Long, Lean Legs.



Postpartum Pilates Core Workout - Get Healthy U

If you are looking for a way to tone up your mid-section and flatten your belly after having a baby, this at-home workout is for you. No equipment needed.


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Merrymaker Sisters | MerryBody Yoga and Pilates | Easy Healthy Recipes

Start your MerryBody Membership for just $1.In these times of disconnection and self-isolation, it’s now more important than ever to use online community to create the connection you’re missing. This is why we thought long and hard about what we could offer you to ensure you feel confident and excited to join us as an Official MerryBody Member. For the





Pilates für den Rücken.

Bye Bye Rückenschmerzen. Das ideale Pilates-Training für deinen Rücken findest Du hier. So beugst du Verspannungen vor und linderst Deine Rückenschmerzen, um fit und entspannt durch deinen Tag zu gehen. Die Pilates Übungen sind sowohl für Anfänger wie auch Fortgeschrittene prima geeignet. Probiers doch aus, Dein Rücken wird begeistert sein! Love doing sports… Deine Tina � #rückenschmerzen #pilatesübungen #pilates


10-Minute Pilates Ring Workout - The Balanced Life

A 10-minute Pilates ring workout is up on my YouTube Channel! The Pilates ring (or magic circle) is a great tool for toning and shaping your entire body.


12 Dehnübungen für Schultern, Arme und Brust

Löse und entspanne beanspruchte Muskulatur! Dehne dich regelmäßig und bleibe beweglich und flexibel. Hier findest du sicher die richtigen Übungen für dich! Schau doch mal vorbei. #Dehnübung #Flexibilität #Schultern #Arme #Brust #Beweglichkeit


Yoga-Übungen: Alles über Vorbeugen

Vorbeugen im Yoga schützen nicht nur vor Zivilisationskrankheiten, sie stärken in jeglicher Alltagssituation und helfen sogar dabei, einen Blick in die eigene Vergangenheit zu werfen.
 Wie das alles gehen soll? Kerstin Linnartz hat Antworten.


Rundrücken bekämpfen!

Wie kommt es zu einem Rundrücken und warum reicht es, wenn du nur einen bestimmten Muskel täglich dehnst? Erfahre es in diesem Video und teste es selbst.


Die beliebtesten Artikel in Pilates

All the steps to find Forearm Stand! @ania_75 -> für Pilates Sonderangebote klicken!


7 Yoga-Übungen gegen einen Blähbauch | freundin.de

Es müssen nicht gleich immer Medikamente sein: Versuchen Sie lieber zuerst diese Yoga-Übungen gegen den aufgeblähten Bauch


Intense Pilates Workout 30 Minutes | Workout Video

Want a full body Pilates workout that's A.) Quick, B.) Low-Impact, and C.) Effective? If so, I created this 'Intense Pilates Workout | 30 Minutes | Full-Body' video exactly for you. :) This intense Pilates workout combines the best of Pilates exercises and traditional fitness so that you can not only create better symmetry and alignment in your body, but also get full body muscle building and calorie burning at home to boot! This total body 30-minute mat pilates workout can be done with only a mat and no equipment. Want more free barre, yoga, and Pilates workout videos? Sign


Sexy legs workout plan for those toned legs

Visit for more workout plans


PILATES POSTER - Set of 3 Pilates Poster - Pilates Art Print - Pilates Studio Decor - Pilates Inspiration - Pilates Wall Decor - Wall Art

PILATES POSTER Set of 3 Pilates Poster Pilates Art Print


7 Yoga-Übungen gegen einen Blähbauch | freundin.de

Es müssen nicht gleich immer Medikamente sein: Versuchen Sie lieber zuerst diese Yoga-Übungen gegen den aufgeblähten Bauch


47 min.️ fascial Pilates-Kurs, ohne Geräte

47 min.️ fascial Pilates-Kurs, ohne Geräte #faszien #pilates #homefit #onlinetraining


10-Minute Pilates Abs

If you've been putting in the effort and still don't have the abs you're after, it's time to change things up and challenge your muscles with these 6 pilates moves instead. Pilates exercises are all about core strength, and this 10-Minute Pilates Abs Workout is crazy-effective for strengthening and sculpting the muscles, giving you the toned abs you crave.



Full bow pose is a deep backbend that opens the heart, stretches the hips and massages the lymphatic system. Half Bow pose is also known as big Toe Bow pose, as the hand grip is around the big toes, not the ankles. Full Bow pose is popular with Pilates instructors and back specialists, for its posture improving benefits, reducing round shoulders and improving curvature of the spine.


Vibram FiveFingers V-Soul: Funktionelle Fitness/Pilates/Yoga Der V-Soul ist ein offenes, leichtes und flexibles Modell für funktionelle Fitness, Pilates und Yoga. Durch den verstellbaren Klettverschluss bietet der V-Soul eine sichere Passform.      Die 3mm Gummilaufsohle Xs Trek bietet ein optimales Bodengefühl.      Das Obermaterial ist aus glänzendem Polyester-Material, die Poly-Innensohle mit der 2mm Pu- Schaumstoff/Wolle Mischung ist atmungsaktiv und antibakteriell. waschbar bei 30°C (Waschmaschine), lufttrocknen (kein Wäschetrockner )


Over Fifty and Fit • Living an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

The magic circle is an effective pilates tool that helps shape, firm, and define the muscles of the human body. Try these 11 moves. Video included.


Mit welchen Übungen welche Muskelgruppen gekräftigt werden & worauf man beim Pilates achten sollte – Grundübungen mit Namen in Bildern!