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37 Things That Will Make You Shout Shut Up And Take My Money! - Ftw Gallery Gifts and gadgets ideas.


How to make simple wireless headphones without cut them DIY

How to make simple wireless headphones without cut them DIY - YouTube


Tech Gifts For Teens. Awesome electronics gadgets ideas.


Ten Electronic Gadget Cover Tutorials...

Electronic gadgets... things that didn't exist when I was a kid. Today they're a part of everyday life; mobile phones (cell phones), iPads, digital cameras, iPods, Sat Navs, eReaders, etc. Each device need cables and a charging device, so it's handy to have something to keep all the bits and pieces together, as well as a protective cover of some sort for the device itself. Today I'm showcasing ten tutorials from our Electronic Gadget Covers collection, here at Threading My Way. Each detailed tutorial contains step by step instructions and lots of photos. How to Make an iPad Case by Anna, from Charmed Liebling How to Sew a Cell Phone Case by Marisa, from Passion et Couture Mobile Phone Case Tutorial by Jenya, from While She Was Sleeping DIY iPad Cover with Inside Pocket by Sophia, from My Great Challenge iPhone Case with Pull Tab ~ Tutorial by Anna, from Charmed Liebling Kindle Cover Tutorial by Emily, from Nap Time Creations iPhone 5 Cover / Miniature Travel Sleeve Tutorial by Anna, from Charmed Liebling Smart and Simple Tablet Cover Tutorial by Jill, from Creating My Way to Success Flash/Thumb Drive Case Tutorial from Wedding Dress Blue Ear Phone Cat Tutorial from Home of the Red Monster Ten Electronic Gadget Cover Tutorials... lots of fabulous ideas!!! For more ideas and inspiration, head on over to our ONGOING Electronic Gadget Covers link party. If you've made a cover for an electronic device or something to help you protect and keep all the bits and pieces together, I'd love you to add it to the collection. You might also like: Ten Terrific Tote Tutorials Ten Upcycled Tote Tutorials Ten Terrific Skirt Tutorials Ten Pillow and Cushion Tutorials Ten Awesome Dress Tutorials for Girls Ten Refashioning Tutorials ~ Dresses for Girls Ten Awesome Purse Tutorials Ten Fabulous Bag and Tote Tutorials Ten Cushion and Pillow Tutorials Ten Dress Up Costume Tutorials Ten Fabulous Dress Tutorials for Girls Ten Upcycled Bag and Tote Tutorials ... Pam Tweet


Smart Home Gadgets | 30+ Best Home Automation Ideas For Your Smart Home In 2019 | Smart Home ...

Fast technological development, raising digitization and ever before bigger data streams: The idea of a connected clever home is a lot more topical ...


15 of the Best Tech Gadget Gifts Under $200

Do you have a tech / gadget junkie on your holiday list this year? Give him/her what they really want with one of these amazing tech gifts! All under $200


40 Cool Gadgets for Men - Blackandise

A big list featuring some cool gadgets for men. Many of these gadgets are the perfect gift for that special guy in your life.


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Your Smartphone Will Get Crystal Clear Pics from 1/4 Mile Away with This Universal Lens Attachment


TL431A Adjustable Zener – NomadTronics

TL431A Programmable Shunt


How to salvage components from old Circuit boards - Gadgetronicx

Methods to salvage electronic components from old circuit boards. What to salvage old electronic gadgets to make money. Art of salvaging circuit boards


GENEINNO Titan Underwater Drone with VR Goggles Support

Meet the GENEINNO Titan: an underwater drone that can go down to depths of 150 meters and stream 1080p video. Titan has 6 thrusters to achieve a speed of


TOUCHCAL Touchscreen Scientific Calculator Brings Calculators to the Modern Age | Man of Many

Texas Instruments long reigned supreme when it came to scientific calculators. The TOUCHCAL Touchscreen Scientific Calculator is looking to dethrone that old-school calculator with a more advanced version. The Ti-84 calculator really hasn’t changed over the decades, keeping its small LCD screen and a user interface that requires a semester of training just to get […]


Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad | Keyboards & Computer Peripherals

Best Gadgets For Home #LuxuryGadgetsForTheHome #★gadgets★


How to set up Electronics Lab at home - Gadgetronicx

How to set up electronics lab in your home for electronics hobbyists, students, engineers. things to buy for your own homemade electronics laboratory.


Nextbook 10 Windows Tablet Review and Giveaway

Nextbook 10 Windows Tablet Review and Giveaway- The Efun Nextbook 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet has a removable pogo keyboard.



Harvesting Electronic Components

Harvesting Electronic Components: With stores like Radio Shack disappearing, it is getting hard to find simple electronic components. The web, particularly eBay, has been a great help, but shipping can get costly. Consumer electronics, like VCRs and Microwave Ovens can be a sou...


10 Tech Accessories Your Dad Will Love

We've rounded up a list of 10 gadgets and accessories that are great as Father's Day gifts.



Reimagine Movement! Introducing DJI OSMO, the handheld 4K Camera on 3-Axis Gimbal Motion without blur. Action shots without shake. Perfect video even when you move. Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designe


Narwal: World's First Self-Cleaning Robot Mop & Vacuum - The Tech Journal

Narwal is the world's first self-cleaning robot mop & vacuum machine.


Virtual Laser Keyboard

Repulsive electronics gadgets people #gadgetshop #electronicsgadgetsaccessories


WTF: This Wearable Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

Get ready to say goodbye to your touchscreen phone for good.


Coolest latest gadgets – Crazy Technology Inventions – Best new electronic technology gadgets | Sclick


Best Hidden Camera Detector | SpyFinder | TheSuperBOO!

Do you love travelling and staying in a plenty of hotels and AirBnBs? Then I'm sure that you have worried about hidden cameras in certain moments.


Lily Camera is the drone that will follow and video you

Don't worry, it's not as creepy as it sounds.


Smart Home Gadgets Technology | Pyro Mini Fireshooter - RabbbitHole | Smart Home Ideas Diy | ...

Whether you're new to the world of clever homes or you're looking for some fresh ideas to add to an existing system, this guide is for you. #architect...


The 16 Coolest Gadgets We Saw at Mobile World Congress

The world's biggest smartphone show just wrapped up in Barcelona. We look at the best handsets, wearables, and other mobile gadgets from the expo floor.


25 Cool Gadgets For Girls – Gear Gadgets and Gizmos

25 COOL GADGETS FOR GIRLS. I cover a number electronic gadgets for women that any girl would like, learn more about womens gadgets and gear.